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The ‘Qwest’ For Intelligent Life

I live in a tiny cul-de-sac, lined with 4 duplex townhomes. Each of the 8 individual apartments has its own driveway, plus there are a few, additional, highly coveted parking spaces for guests or a resident’s second car. The cul-de-sac’s access road is so narrow that there’s a sign at the entry that says, “No Parking. Fire Lane.” Because if you park on the access road, there won’t be enough room for an emergency vehicle to maneuver past you.

Yesterday, a man in a Qwest truck drove into the cul-de-sac to service someone’s phone line. Or internet connection. Or whatever. He arrived during the day when most of my neighbors are away at work, thus there were plenty of available parking places for him to choose from.

So, where did he choose to park? In the Fire Lane! Directly in front of my driveway! Completely blocking it! The trickster gods of synchronicity were obviously having fun with me, because at the very moment of his arrival, I was preparing to depart for the grocery store. So, my lovely son kindly went outside to ask Mr. Qwest Man if he could please move his truck so I could regain my access to the access road.

Notably disgruntled, Mr. Qwest Man informed my son that he’d parked in front of our driveway because he figured we weren’t going anywhere. After all, he had come to fix our Qwest service. My son politely informed him that (a) we didn’t order a service call, and (b) we don’t subscribe to Qwest.

Mr. Qwest Man looked at his paperwork and said, “But I have a service order for 2327 Fir St.” My son glanced around the cul-de-sac, quickly searched the huge address numbers clearly visible next to all the doorways, then pointed to 2327 and said, “That would be over there.”

Frustrated, Mr. Qwest Man got back in his truck, told my son he needed to water the tree in our garden because it looked like it was dying, then sloppily relocated his truck so it took up two precious parking spaces, and its front end still stuck out into the access road.

Umm….. does Qwest not do drug testing?

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LapCorp does random drug testing. Very rarely, they actually call someone my department. When they do actually decide to check up on us, it is infrequent and there are MANY employees in this little town. But one month, the straightest of my coworkers was tapped 3 times. And a couple that I know smokes regularly have never been called.

Posted by Kitty Parmley on 29 September 2009 @ 7pm

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