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Intentionally Overexposed

When I get sick and have to lie in bed for several days at a time, I usually end up taking self portraits to help assuage the boredom factor. I use a little, lightweight point-and-shoot camera so my illness-weakened arm can handle the strain of being repeatedly held up in the air. For this particular […]

Oh, Animoto

It’s been awhile since I played with the free, 30-second version of Animoto. If you haven’t tried Animoto yet, you might really enjoy it. Here’s my latest creation, using some of my own photos.

Stuck On You

I found these cute, heart shaped post-it notes at Since Valentine‚Äôs Day is fast approaching, what better way to celebrate than to plaster colorful paper hearts all over the home, office, car or computer of that very special loved one in your life? Bonus points for writing silly sentiments on every note you post. […]

The Shadow Blows…

This short video clip was filmed behind the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, Washington… courtesy of the sunset gods.

Why God Made Refrigerators

Ordinarily, when I’m visiting someone who has magnetic poetry on their refrigerator, I try to write something clever — something that’s a least a complete sentence — because I hate seeing all those cool magnetic words being used for nonsensical purposes like “enlightened puppy drool” or “dance with a delerious purple woman” or “I was […]

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