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I Love Giveaways

SimpleMomReviews is giving away an Epiphanie camera bag! Be still my photography lover’s heart! These bags are gorgeous, and like none I’ve seen before, anywhere. Delicious colors, designer styles. You have to check them out. The bonus? Right now, SimpleMomReviews has 10 other giveaways in progress. Like I always say, awesomesauce! Click here to enter […]

But It’s A Harmless Obsession

I’m obsessed with digital photography. I developed a steadily progressive addiction seven years ago when my boyfriend upgraded to a better camera and gave me his ancient, one-megapixel, Epson PhotoPC 600. I was instantly hooked. Since then, we’ve both upgraded our cameras several times, with me far outpacing him, thus leaving him in the proverbial […]

Not As The Manufacturer Intended

I’ve always been fond of inventing uses for products that aren’t specifically mentioned in the package insert. As an example, I’m currently using this colorfully knitted iPod sock as a protective green coating for my little pocket camera, a Canon SD700 IS. This minuscule example of photographic wonderment slips in and out of its ‘home […]