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I Adore Arthropods

Apologies to all you insectophobes. This is what I do. It’s why there’s a Photo in Photo Coyote. If you can override your fear factor (they’re only images after all), you might discover a new found sense of wonder. Bugs are fascinating and magical. They changed my way of looking at the world. This slide […]

I Forgot To Mention…

Earlier this month, 20 days ago to be precise, I unabashedly nominated myself for the Good Samaritan Award of 2008. “Por quoi?” you might inquire. And my pleased-as-punch, thoroughly immodest response would be, “Babysitting!” But, lo, not just your ordinary, garden variety babysitting. Oh, no. Nothing so unremarkable as that. This was an unselfish, unremunerated, […]

Location Location Location

I’m both fortunate and grateful to be living in such a stellar abode. It’s located in town, yet peacefully situated directly adjacent to a 300+ acre park filled with a dense assortment of towering trees, and enhanced with babbling brooks, waterfalls and wildlife. My back yard consists of a bit of lawn nestled against a […]


I live next to a protected wildlife area, thus have a plethora of bird visitors on my back porch. I love them all dearly, but I love the chickadees the most. They’re just so heart-flutteringly cute. Here’s a short video I recorded of one such tiny sweetheart, eating a sunflower seed in the bushes next […]