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I Forgot To Mention…

Earlier this month, 20 days ago to be precise, I unabashedly nominated myself for the Good Samaritan Award of 2008. “Por quoi?” you might inquire. And my pleased-as-punch, thoroughly immodest response would be, “Babysitting!” But, lo, not just your ordinary, garden variety babysitting. Oh, no. Nothing so unremarkable as that. This was an unselfish, unremunerated, […]

The ‘Qwest’ For Intelligent Life

I live in a tiny cul-de-sac, lined with 4 duplex townhomes. Each of the 8 individual apartments has its own driveway, plus there are a few, additional, highly coveted parking spaces for guests or a resident’s second car. The cul-de-sac’s access road is so narrow that there’s a sign at the entry that says, “No […]

Where Did They All Come From?!

After the fact, I found out that all these folks were taking part in the “Running O’ The Green” event. I was sitting in my living room when I saw the first half of the crowd jogging by. There were actually twice as many runners as are seen in this video, but it took me […]


Few newspaper police blotters can compete with this fabulous vignette that contains unparalleled one-liners like, “Clean up all the weiner poopie if you want to see Jesus unharmed.” Every time I watch this clip, my stomach muscles spasm from all the guffawing. Click here to watch.