Photo Coyote Yet another version of an ordinary reality.


Mother Nature’s Weird Out

I love finding little oddities in nature. They’re awesome because they seem to do just fine, despite their imperfections. As should we all.

But It’s A Harmless Obsession

I’m obsessed with digital photography. I developed a steadily progressive addiction seven years ago when my boyfriend upgraded to a better camera and gave me his ancient, one-megapixel, Epson PhotoPC 600. I was instantly hooked. Since then, we’ve both upgraded our cameras several times, with me far outpacing him, thus leaving him in the proverbial […]

Remem-mem Remem-mem-member

Today, I’m thrilled to have utilized some of my multitude of brain cells that have recently been lying down on the job. I actually remembered a bunch of stuff! I turned off the heater in the bathroom, hung up the wet bath mat, blew out a candle, refilled the toilet paper holder in the downstairs […]

Location Location Location

I’m both fortunate and grateful to be living in such a stellar abode. It’s located in town, yet peacefully situated directly adjacent to a 300+ acre park filled with a dense assortment of towering trees, and enhanced with babbling brooks, waterfalls and wildlife. My back yard consists of a bit of lawn nestled against a […]

Still Learning After All These Years

I’m grateful for teachings that stretch both my mind and my character. I’m currently involved in a situation wherein, legally, I am right and They are wrong, and I’m trying to decide the right action to take to resolve the dispute. Ego is a powerful force. I would slam-dunk them in court if it came […]

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