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I Love Giveaways

SimpleMomReviews is giving away an Epiphanie camera bag! Be still my photography lover’s heart! These bags are gorgeous, and like none I’ve seen before, anywhere. Delicious colors, designer styles. You have to check them out. The bonus? Right now, SimpleMomReviews has 10 other giveaways in progress. Like I always say, awesomesauce! Click here to enter […]

Stuck On You

I found these cute, heart shaped post-it notes at Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, what better way to celebrate than to plaster colorful paper hearts all over the home, office, car or computer of that very special loved one in your life? Bonus points for writing silly sentiments on every note you post. […]

Mmm Mmm Good

I often get compliments on my complexion. People want to know what skin care regime I use and what my secret is. Well… In all honesty, other than scrubbing with a Buf-Puf twice a week, I don’t really have one. In my teens and twenties, I went through phases of using expensive skin care products […]