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A friend of mine brought me an old, somewhat decrepit, fisheye mirror he’d found behind a pile of boxes while scrounging around in his basement. I leaned it against the garden edging outside my front door for no particular reason other than that’s where I was standing when he handed it to me. Despite my […]

So Rude

I don’t like being squeezed into other people’s available time slots. If you are my friend, and you value me as such, please make time for me. I’m a valuable human beingĀ  and I deserve to be treated as such. If you can’t pull that off, please seek ‘friendship’ elsewhere. I deserve better. Friends don’t […]

Garden Shed Door

Early morning light is great for creating dramatic shadows and color. I’m usually too lazy to get up when it’s realllllllly early, so this shot was taken around 10 am. Ideally, I’d be able to discipline myself to a wake-up time earlier than 8 o’clock. But there’s just something sooooooo very snuggly about my bed […]

Tulips Are Better Than One

Aren’t these gorgeous? My secret admirer gave them to me on Valentine’s Day. I am ordinarily not a big fan of V-Day, but this year I made an exception. I’ve historically held the belief that the best thing about February 14th is February 15th. That’s when allllllllll that yummy leftover chocolate goes on sale.

Oh Spring, Wherefore Art Thou?

I am sooooooooooo missing those deliciously warm and full-blooming sunshiny days….. Did you know that there are about 65 different kinds of clematis? I think mine are called Fireworks. That makes me happy.

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