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Mmm Mmm Good

I often get compliments on my complexion. People want to know what skin care regime I use and what my secret is. Well… In all honesty, other than scrubbing with a Buf-Puf twice a week, I don’t really have one.

In my teens and twenties, I went through phases of using expensive skin care products — Clinique was my fave — but I now find the routine tiresome. These days, my easy-squeezy skin care routine consists of using any kind of high quality, organic shampoo as an all-in-one hair, face and body cleanser. I know, I know. The horror. But, what can I say? It works.

That said, I do covet a certain moisturizer that I absolutely swear by. It’s a product I discovered many moons ago when I worked in a health food store, and I’ve happily used it every day since then. It’s called Skin Trip, made by the Mountain Ocean folks who, among other awesome things, are supporters of the Safe Cosmetics Campaign. (Check it out — it’s important!)

I’m unabashedly enamored of Skin Trip’s yummy fresh coconutty fragrance, which fades to barely noticeable within minutes of applying it. It has a lightweight consistency, which is perfect for normal to oily skin types, and applying a second coat works really well when my skin is extra thirsty. Either way, a tiny bit is all it takes. And, as you may have guessed, I use it on both my face and my body. Simple is good!

I can’t say for sure if my decades-long devotion to using Skin Trip is the reason people think I’m light-years younger than I actually am, but since it’s the only moisturizer I use, I’m thinking there just might be a connection. If you’d like to give Skin Trip a try, you can get it for cheap at Just click on the link below to be magically transported to the website where you can grab yourself a bottle of yum!

 • Mountain Ocean – Skin Trip Moisturizer •

No Visible Wounds


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This is my photo entry for the new website. See my previous post for info. Thanks!

I Heart Faces

There’s a new kid on the block! is a soon-to-be-fully-operational website dedicated to photos of faces. Portraiture, if you prefer. Readers can submit their own photos to the site, selecting one of three catagories: children, adults or pets. Each week, a ‘best of’ photo will be selected to grace the website’s home page.

And of course, has its own Flickr group (who doesn’t?) that can be found by clicking right HERE.

Welcome to Online Photography Land, youz newcomers!

But It’s A Harmless Obsession

I’m obsessed with digital photography. I developed a steadily progressive addiction seven years ago when my boyfriend upgraded to a better camera and gave me his ancient, one-megapixel, Epson PhotoPC 600. I was instantly hooked.

Since then, we’ve both upgraded our cameras several times, with me far outpacing him, thus leaving him in the proverbial digital dust.

I now own my second digital SLR — a lovely Canon EOS 30D — and seven incredible lenses. Every morning, I wake up totally stoked about the photographic possibilities that lie ahead.

This is a form of bliss that I never expected to experience. I offer up a sincere and reverent thanks to the almighty gods of technology.


Remem-mem Remem-mem-member

Today, I’m thrilled to have utilized some of my multitude of brain cells that have recently been lying down on the job. I actually remembered a bunch of stuff! I turned off the heater in the bathroom, hung up the wet bath mat, blew out a candle, refilled the toilet paper holder in the downstairs bathroom, and carried more toilet paper up the stairs to bathroom #2. I also refilled the indoor fountain before it began making its pre-death-throws gasping noises, took my vitamins, folded the still-warm laundry before it had a chance to cool and wrinkle, and brought a glass of ‘good’ water upstairs to my bedstand where it will sit, quietly, awaiting its next opportunity to quench my middle of the night thirst.

I did some other stuff, too, but I can’t remember what.

Heh. Silly brain…

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