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Oh, Sweet Google Pen. How I Covet Thee.

This is why I dragged myself out of my sick-bed and drove my ancient, dilapidated vehicle across town to stagger through LinuxFestNorthwest in a flu-brained stupor. I realllllllly wanted a Google pen. The shadow mustache is an added bonus. Ironic, too, seeing as how I was the only humanoid on the premises who was exuding any estrogen.


Suggestion to uber-geeks: Pretty-up your presentations! All the tables at LinuxFest looked way too much alike. Other than Google and Ubuntu (thank you colorful banners), it was difficult to distinguish one vendor from another. Without the map that told me which vendor resided at which table, I would have been completely clueless.

Sadly, the robotics demo was dissappointing. Sob! That’s the second-most compelling reason for my wanting to attend the event. Fortunately, in the robotics room, there was a large table bearing several huge boxes of leftover cookies that had been donated by our local Albertson’s grocery. The presenters kept encouraging me to take some. Lots of them! For free!

So, I politely hoarded one from each box, and ate them on the way home in the car, hoping that the sugar rush would help keep me alert, or at least awake, given the fact that my flu-enhanced body had remained upright for far too long, due to the mesmerizing demo of the ever-amazing Google Earth application. They made my pen, too, you know.


Sounds like you had a great time, flu, lame demo and look alike booths notwithstanding. Oh and I am totally digging the pen.

Posted by Alex on 29 April 2008 @ 6pm

HI Coyote (from Brainstorms). No new Blog comments for a while? I hope all is well.

Posted by Bruce Sherman on 5 July 2008 @ 3pm

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