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Spider Man!

A couple years ago, I bought this awesome Spider-Man action figure at a garage sale. The little boy who was selling it only wanted 50ยข for it, but I gave him a dollar. And, as it turns out, its worth is invaluable. I keep good ol’ Spider-Man in my satchel and carry him everywhere I […]

Wherein A Deer Attempts To Kiss Me

No Visible Wounds

(click to enlarge) This is my photo entry for the new website. See my previous post for info. Thanks!

I’ve Got Two Legs From My Hips To The Ground, And…

When I move them, they walk around and When I lift them, they climb the stairs and When I shave them, they ain’t got hairs. -From a Monty Python episode Sadly, my legs aren’t lifting, walking around or climbing stairs very wonderfully these days. I was in a motorcycle accident that (although not nearly as […]

Oh, Sweet Google Pen. How I Covet Thee.

This is why I dragged myself out of my sick-bed and drove my ancient, dilapidated vehicle across town to stagger through LinuxFestNorthwest in a flu-brained stupor. I realllllllly wanted a Google pen. The shadow mustache is an added bonus. Ironic, too, seeing as how I was the only humanoid on the premises who was exuding […]

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